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Dienstag, September 25, 2007

Wochenend und Sonnenschein ...

Mein Wochenende: Freitag ein bisschen ausgehen, Samstag zum Whale Festival nach Hermanus (http://www.whalefestival.co.za/) ein bisschen wahle watching machen. Abends dann wieder ausgehen und Sonntag einen ruhigen Tag in der Waterfront bei einem Musikfestival, gutem Essen (Sushi) und einem Häagen Dazs zum Abschluss.

Montag Wine-Testing in Boschendal. Quiet nice. Ich sollte sowas öfter tun. Herrliches Weingut, fantastisches Wetter, draußen sitzend im Sonnenschein Wein genießen - für 15 Rand für 5 Gläser (macht ungefähr 1,50€).

me at Boschendal

Jamie - somehow sweet, mostly harmless. ;-)

Jamie 1  

Jamie 2

Work:  Weitermachen mit der WebSite. Den Kollegen gefällts, Cheffe ist noch nicht ganz überzeugt. :)

Außerdem war am Freitag eine kleine Broschüre für Kunden zu erstellen.

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Dienstag, September 18, 2007

Arbeit: Zusatz

Sitze immer noch an verschiedenen Versionen für die WebSite.

Aber wie man hier arbeitet ... 25°C, in der Sonne sitzend im Garten des Firmengeländes, neben einem der Swimmingpool, welcher sich in den Sommermonaten wohl äußerster Beliebtheit erfreut unter den Mitarbeitern.

Eigentlich bin ich nur noch morgens für den ersten Kaffee und abends kurz vor Schluss zum Zusammenpacken im Büro. ^^

Sonne pur, vor einem die Berge, im Hintergrund das Rauschen des Meeres, Vögel zwitschern, sea gulls überfliegen die Strassen ... hach. :-)

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Montag, September 17, 2007


Hi there.
No pictures this time - just forgot to take my camera with me.

Anyway. On Saturday I went to West Coast National Park, just for some flowers. Incredible. Nothing seems to be able to grow there, at least nothing else than brushwood, but for a few weeks real beautiful flowers begin to blossom overnight.

On Sunday we went out to Simon's Town to that Penguin Festival there, watching some lazy penguins on the beach. They even seemed to be hydrophobic. Never seen so lazy, hydrophobic penguins before, just lying there, and taking a sun bath. ^^

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Donnerstag, September 13, 2007

another day at office

I hate the Internet Explorer 6, it just doesn't do what I want him to do.

The day before yesterday I started to take my first steps in PHP/mySQL, setting up a database, creatiing stuff, read out stuff and so on. Quiet interesting, and very useful. ^^

Living here is more fun than expected. It's never boring, mostly I go out after work, having dinner or a drink - or both - with some friends down here. At least, I don't miss Germany at all. May be some special persons, but nothing else. :-)

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Sonntag, September 09, 2007

Chapman's Peak

2 pm arrival, used to go up, and was the highest point (about 600m above the sea) at 5.30 - back at 7 pm.

It's been a hard day, but ... it was worth all. Chapman's Peak is just amazing. No picture or video could reproduce what you experience up there - and on your long voyage going there. :)

there I wanted to go - a long journey  

Houtbay - the town my company is located at  

Houtbay Sunset

Cape Town at Night Cape Town at Night

Before that I was at the beach.

And yesterday ... well, it was impossible to find a place to watch Germany vs. Wales, because the sports TV station they're watching here normally showed Italy vs. France, and the most sports bars weren't in for soccer - just because of a funny world championship in Rugby. ^^ So I've been to the Dubliner with a friend from Hamburg, meeting some other Germans there, having a great time, and leaving soon ;), heading to other places.

at Chapman's Peak 

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Freitag, September 07, 2007

4th 'n 5th day

Very strange days, not real stressful, but some stuff didn't work out. Then someone got technical problems, and therefore more problems emerged.I want to spare you technical details, but it was nasty.

Finally, at the end of Thursday, it worked out well and everybody was happy.
If the boss is happy, I'm happy too. :-)

Still working on that web site stuff anyway. Some very strange things happened yesterday to the design I can't explain, trying to fix it today.

Today evening there's some private sit-in planned at the flat of a friend from Hamburg. Germany. I don't know yet if it takes place, but if it will, it'll be fun.
For tomorrow I plan to watch that soccer game between Germany and Wales, but don't know where. Don't know if the Dubliner will show it, and if the Paulaner even got a TV inside. I'll try to check out today or tomorrow inthe daytime.

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Mittwoch, September 05, 2007

2nd Day

Nichts neues, auch heute am dritten Tag. An Flaggen und nem Aufsteller arbeiten für ne Messe oder was weiß ich - recht interessant. Und dann ist da noch die Homepage.
Kommunikation in der Firma läuft auf Englisch - oder Deutsch mit Chef und seiner Frau.

Außerdem vergesse ich ständig einkaufen zu gehen. Mein Kühlschrank war ja nie wirklich voll, nun ist er fast leer. Und es ist anstrengend hier jemanden für ne normale Abendgestaltung zu finden. Sind eben sehr seltsame Leute hier.

Pictures of Cape Point 

Pictures of my flat 

Landscape Pictures 

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Dienstag, September 04, 2007

First Work Day

It's been my first day at work yesterday. Fun to work here, I think, but only time will tell.

First assignment to a project the typical internship thing: take a look at our website and redesign it. ^^

Why not, it's not just that easy ...


The people down here are strange in many ways - you might call them unreliable. But don't take it personally. They are just that way. :-)

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Montag, September 03, 2007

Cape Point

Have been to Cape Point yesterday, through Table Mountain National Park.

It's not just great, or beautiful - it's overwhelming.

Even the professional pictures at post cards and posters can't reproduce what you see in reality. You just have to be there. :-)

Worlds End - but could't find Jack there

me at Worlds End

far away from home

still at Cape Point

somewhere between Cape Town and Scarborough  

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Samstag, September 01, 2007

first time out - the friday

Have been out for the first time. OK, have seen something on Wednesday, but that doesn't count.

Makeing new friends down here is easy, as long as you find someone who shows you around and introduces you to others. But once they know your name, they're real friendly and funny ;).

It rained whole time yesterday, so I didn't went out at day anyway. It was a good chance looking for some people at the internet, and one of them took me to some bars.

I've been to the cinema at V+A Waterfront watching Bourne Ultimatum. Cool movie if you liked the other ones, and the only annoying thing is the camera work. ^^
Waterfront itself is a very, very nice spot to be. "What a beeeaaaaauuuuuutiful place ..." (to remember Hape). It's great. Everyone who visits Cape Town visits V+A Waterfront. It's an harbour with some shopping malls, bars, sights where you can find everything you need. Or at least that what you think you need. It's crowded untill very late hours, or early hours. Depends on your own perception of time ,).

And it's real cheap down here. Food, drinks, hanging out ... everything except my flat ^^ ;). Even fuel is at 6,8 Rand, what makes it about 69 european cent.

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